10 Great Things about Pacifica

Pacifica in California is one of the top must go places in the state. Brimming with culture, entertainment and natural beauty of its beaches have made it a favorite getaway destination for many which include locals and tourists. The reason why people love to go to Pacifica is because of the many different things to do as it offers a variety of activities to choose from. So if it is your first time to visit Pacifica, here are 10 great things about Pacifica you should know.

1) The Beautiful Coastal Views

Pacifica is particularly known for its beautiful vitas and coastal line. As a matter of fact many visit Pcifica for a weekend excursion just to go visit the beach and enjoy the waves crashing on the shore and watch as the sun sets. Pacifica is home to two beaches. Linda Mar Beach or Pacifica State Beach is known for its crescent shape and is perfect for surfing and kayaking. Rockaway Beach is located near many restaurants and accommodation options.

2) Well Maintained Parks for Late Afternoon Strolls

Pacifica is also home to two lovely parks that cater to those who prefer to relax under the shade of trees while having a picnic on green lawns. The San Pedro Valley Park is located right at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountain range which also makes it perfect for those short nature hikes. Frontierland Park is also quite popular especially during the 4th of July holidays when the community organizes games and other fun entertainment for the family.

3) Home to a Thriving Farmer’s Market

Pacifica’s Coastside Farmer’s Market is located at Rockaway Beach and is open in the afternoon every Wednesday. Here, many locals and visitors can purchase some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available. Aside from this, a variety of flowers, hand crafted artworks, and even skin and health care products can be bought. One of the main features however of the Farmer’s Market is the availability of fresh affordable seafood and gourmet specialties only available in the region.

4) Art and Creativity is Greatly Encouraged

When in Pacifica, California, be sure to visit the Sanchez Art Center which is a place for visual and performing artist to meet and showcase their creativity and works. With the goal of creating a community through art, the center encourages the growth of artists through exhibitions, providing education and even conducting outreach programs

5) Hosts several surfing contests yearly

Pacifica’s beaches offer up huge waves that are perfect for surfing enthusiasts. The region is considered to be one of the best locations for surfing. Moreover, surfing is so popular that Pacifica regularly conducts 6 annual surfing competitions like the Marine Mammal Surf Festival, North Coast Classic and The Big Chill.

6) Plenty of Live Performances and Concerts

Simply Visit Mildred Owen Concert Hall and you’ll know all the upcoming performances that often include a variety of music styles like Jazz, Blues, Classical, and many more.

7) Promotes Sporting Events and Tournaments

Whether you are a fan of swimming, football, baseball or soccer, Pacifica organizes sporting events that help today’s young athletes to develop their potential and skill.

8) Lots of Family Friendly Activities

Getaway trips usually involve the whole family, which is why Pacifica made sure to have a variety of activities that both the parents and their children will enjoy. Many outdoor adventures are perfect for families like the family recreation swim, biking or hiking and bowling at the Sea Bowl entertainment center. A major attraction for families is the Pacific Fog Fest which celebrates all that Pacifica is known for – outdoor adventures, coastal living and fun activities.

9) Environmentally and Socially Conscious

Aside from fun activities Pacifica is also home to an environmentally aware and socially responsible community. Here, there are programs like the Leaders in Training Education Program, music programs, child care services, senior program, community beach clean ups, native plant restoration, after school programs and many non-profit organizations help make sure that the environment and the community grow together.

10) The best place for short vacation trips for its small town feel.

For couples for families looking for an overnight or 2 night getaway from the hustle and bustle of highly urban cities, Pacifica is great because it’s not that far from San Francisco and yet the location has a relaxed and small town like ambiance to it. Beachfront hotels are available to ensure comfort. Hotels like the Pacifica Beach Hotel have beautiful and scenic views of the ocean from their rooms making it the perfect short time to unwind with your family or friends.

There are many more things about Pacifica that makes it great. This list is just the start so make sure to ask around and get to know both the attractions and the community that makes Pacifica so amazing.

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