Pacifica Beach Hotel Invites Tourists to Spring Season Specials

The Spring season brings about pleasant climates and marks the last stretch of the school year for most kids. This is also one of the best times for families and groups to start planning their spring or summer vacations and breaks. This is the time today’s youth go on spring breaks and enjoy some time for fun, entertainment and recreation. Spring is also the time when productions, presentations and special events begin to pop up. Spring is also the perfect time for families to take quick weekend vacations and go out of town to spend some quality time.

Spring season is also a great time for places like Pacifica, California. This is one of the best times to visit the county’s beaches for some surfing activities. Pacifica State Beach and Linda Mar Beach are favorite spots among surfers because of the varied sizes of waves and handicaps available. This means that anyone, even if they are beginners or skilled surfers will be able to enjoy surfing in Pacifica. Aside from this, many families visit Pacifica because of the many different attractions and entertainment available that can be fun for the whole family.

This is why, Pacifica Beach Hotel – an affordable beach front hotel in Pacifica – is inviting tourists and out of town visitors to come and see all that Pacifica, California has to offer to the public. In line with this, Pacifica Beach Hotel is also offering all their guests a 10% of on the usual room rates. This offer is open to all guests who will be staying at the hotel during the spring period. Because of its scenic location, guests are treated to an amazing view of the coastline while they relax in their very hotel room Jacuzzi. Rooms can also be booked and reserved online to avail of the special discount. Sign-up to receive your discount coupon here

Aside from the beach, restaurants and museums, Pacifica is also quite known for its cultural and artistic events. One such event that is going to be showcased in the area is called “The Monsters Within.” Held on May 16 and 17, 2014, the dance concert is being performed by the Pacifica Spindrift Dance Company which is known for their passionate and beautiful routines. For the production of “The Monsters Within,” over 40 skilled dancers will perform an evocative story that explores what it exactly means to be called a monster. The Monster Within performance will consist of stories about Medusa, the Banshee, the Hunchback of Notre Dame and even The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tickets are at 15 USD and the show starts at 7:00 pm.

The Spindrift Players also hold stage plays and other performance arts. They are worth a visit especially for tourists as it’s perfect for an entertaining night out. Spring is the perfect time to start planning vacations and going out of town for a quick weekend getaway with the family.

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