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5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving at the Beach

It has been an every household's tradition that Thanksgiving should be spent inside the comfort of their own homes with all friends and family members gathered while they partake the holiday specials like the turkey which is a staple during Thanksgiving Day. However, there is also a more relaxing way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day aside from spending it at home; and that is to celebrate it at the beach. Sounds interesting, right? Here are a few of the reasons why celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the beach is always a good idea.
Families who are on a tight budget can check-in hotels with a beachfront view. It is a new and refreshing way to celebrate the holiday minus the hassle of preparing and cooking your favorite Thanksgiving meals since most hotels offer free breakfast or dinner for their guests.
Celebrating Thanksgiving Day at the beach is like having a summer getaway - hitting two birds with one stone. Cook your favorite meals at home and have a picnic by the white sand beach.  The family will surely love it especially if they love the beach.
Beaches usually have several restaurants on the beachfront. Skip the cooking part for the Thanksgiving and celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend by dining at some of the beachfront restaurants and experience a casual dining yet elegant lunch/dinner by the beach. You can also try Puerto 27 Restaurant which is located inside Pacifica Beach Hotel, overlooking the ocean that specializes in Peruvian fare & pisco cocktails.
The therapeutic sound of the waves, the pristine clear waters, the water creatures, and the beautiful sunset and the white sand are just enough reason for you to spend the Thanksgiving at the beach.
Usually, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated at home as family gathers together while they eat home-cooked meals. This is enough reason to celebrate Thanksgiving at the beach since crowds at the beach will thin out a bit for sure. Beaches are quieter because most spend their holiday at their homes.
Need a good place to stay for the Thanksgiving Day?  Pacifica Beach Hotel has got you covered. It offers affordable room rates, a relaxing ambiance plus a good view of the beach and of course their sumptuous dishes perfect for the Thanksgiving for the whole family. Visit Pacifica Beach Hotel at 525 Crespi Dr, Pacifica, CA.

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