Catch the Sunset at Pacifica – 5 Tips to Take Stunning Photos

Sunsets are always stunning and majestic. They are a reminder of how beautiful the world is. Most photography enthusiasts love to take breathtaking photos of the sunset. They are always every photographer’s dream shot. Travelers as well can’t get enough of the beauty of sun as it sets over the horizon.

Surprisingly though, taking beautiful sunset photos doesn’t require anyone to have a professional camera or expensive point and shoot camera. Because even today’s smart phones can capture that dazzling sunset. Sunset photography is a favorite subject anytime of the year. The question now is who can capture the best shot and how to take it perfectly. Taking stunning photos isn’t a walk in the park. Here are some tips in composing a postcard-perfect sunset photo.

1. More often than not, the best sunset shots are not taken randomly. In fact, the best ones come out of planning. Though you can just spontaneously roam around and take a few shots of the sunset, it’s still the planned ones that make a strong photo. So look for interesting places where you can compose a beautiful sunset photo.

2. Keep an eye in the weather. The weather plays an important role in capturing the best sunset shots. It can have a big impact on the success or failure of the photo you compose. Cloudy skies make a dramatic photo. Clear skies can also produce amazing results. Dusty or smoky air can produce a striking effect too.

3. A mountain, a person, a tree can be a good addition to your dream sunset shot. Their silhouettes can add to the mood and texture of the photo.

4. Follow the rule of thirds when necessary. Though you can put the subject at the center of the photo, it’s also a good idea to place the photo off center.

5. Tripods are now an essential part of photography. It can help in taking great images like when you want a close-up photo of an image. Because holding a camera alone can create unwanted movements, thus making the photo blurred. 

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