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Christmas Checklist: Gifts and Tips for Gift-Giving

It is the season of merry-making and gift-giving again. It’s the time of the year when everyone is busy wrapping gifts for their loved ones. They say that the essence of gift-giving is not by the gift that you give, but by the effort and time you exerted in buying the present.  After all, it’s the thought that counts, as the famous maxim goes. As you read this article, you might still be clueless about what present to give to your friend or to your mom.  Worry no more. Here is a list of gift giving tips for everyone this gift-giving season.

1. Choose something unique. Mugs, picture frames, towels are a staple Christmas presents. Giving any of these may not make the Christmas of the receiver merry. Look for a peculiar present at a gift shop or vintage store near you. The more unique, the better. Only goes to show that you exerted time and effort to find a hard-to-find Christmas present.

2. Have a list of the names of the people who will be receiving a Christmas present from you. This way, you will not miss a single person. Have their names written on a piece of paper, use this as a checklist. Put a check mark opposite the name if you have already bought a gift for that particular person.

3. Ask for their wish list. Give them a piece of paper with their names written on it. This will help you find the best and perfect gift for everyone. This way, you will have no worries about them not liking the present that you gave.

4. Shop for presents ahead of time. Some malls and shops are on sale a month before the Christmas. Grab this opportunity to have an early shopping. Look for the best bargains. Some items are priced at half their original price. Others are on buy one take one promo. 

5. Make the gift special and exciting. Look for a good quality wrapper, box and ribbon. Wrap the gift nicely as if it’s done with so much love and effort.

6. Avoid awkward situations like being caught unprepared when visitors crash your house. Prepare small gifts for unexpected guests. 

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