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Pacifica, California

525 Crespi Drive • Pacifica, CA 94044

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Fishing and Crabbing in Pacifica Pier

Did you know that the Pacifica Pier is not only the most popular fishing destination by locals and tourists, it also holds the record as the best fishing venue in the US in the inshore waters off Pacifica? It’s not only a perfect place to relax, enjoy, distress but also to catch plenty of fish. 
This L-shaped long pier is most of the time full of hundreds of anglers fishing. It stretches all the way into the ocean and has become a central point of convergence of people looking for recreation by fishing or just by plain sight-seeing. In fact, most people go here to see whale surface from the waters, dozens of dolphins and sand sharks or just watch the waves. 
The amazing views of the Pacific make a perfect backdrop. The sound of the waves are just right for a relaxing early morning or afternoon fishing and crabbing. Pacifica Pier is famous for its salmon runs. Each day, fishing enthusiasts catch hundreds of salmons. Fall is the perfect season to catch different water species of any kind and sizes. Crabbing is usually best starting November and lasts until July. 
Pacifica Pier does not only usually require its visitors to pay for fishing. Also, one doesn’t need a license to fish at this pier. You just need to bring your own poles, bait, nets and a comfortable chair and you are good to go. 
Fishing and crabbing at the Pacifica Pier is open to public from 4am to 10pm and is closed to fishing only if the weather does not permit. If you have no fishing gears, Pacifica has bait and tackle shops selling and renting fishing paraphernalia. Visit for more info.

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