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Pacifica, California

525 Crespi Drive • Pacifica, CA 94044

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This is the time when school’s out and kids are free to occupy themselves with different activities and fun adventure. In Pacifica, California, the whole town has prepared a special 2014 spring activity schedule to help the youth maximize their free time.

During the spring season in Pacifica, kids can begin to register for swimming and Aquatics classes. These classes would typically help kids learn how to swim and teach them various swimming strokes and styles. In Pacifica, as long as teens have the permission of their parents or guardians, are able to learn how to scuba dive, how to surf, aqua aerobatics and many more. While the classes may vary depending on the available instructors and the interest for a specific lesson, Aquatics classes are very popular and spring is the perfect time to start soaking in the sun and enjoying the cool water.

Summer camp is also a major activity that teens would love to do. The Adventure Camp is all about exploring the outdoors, making new friends and enjoying all that nature has to offer. Kids get to enjoy activities like outdoor games, sports, weekly field trips, learning about the environment, songs and skits, water fun and the ever popular Color Wars.

For those who would like to get a head start in the upcoming school year, Pacifica also maintains a Homework Center where kids aged 5-13 can visit and do their schoolwork in a positive and focused environment where they are supervised by a qualified teacher and other tutors. There is also the Stem Program where kids can learn and explore more knowledge on different areas like science, engineering, technology, math and other topics designed to engage the youth through projects they can work on with others.

Kids can also learn much from afterschool sports by discovering the fundamentals of soccer, baseball and football. Tennis classes are another venue for the whole family to enjoy as parents and their children pair up and learn the sport. For teens who want more of a challenge, physical activities include Argentine Tango which teaches the art and passion of this sensual dance. Karate/Kajunkenbo is great for teaching teens about self-defense by combining the fundamentals of Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kenpo and Kung Fu. For the more artistic teen, there’s a group that brings together creative minds and help them start art projects and get constructive output.

Other activities for kids and teens include fitness classes in Pilates, Yoga, Rhythm and Core, ballet classes, dance classes, dog training, jewelry making, first aid education, skateboard camps and many more! Out of town visitors are also welcome to attend these activities. Staying overnight at the very least will help ensure that kids get to try many of the activities available. Hotels in Pacifica like the Pacifica Beach Hotel offer budget friendly room rates with great accessibility to the different tourist spots in the area. Visit Pacifica, California today to see what’s in store for kids and teens alike. For more information visit