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Ideas in Decorating Guest Bedrooms: A Hotel Experience

Guest rooms should always be ready at any day, because more often than not, some guests just invade your house without informing you that they will be paying a visit. Well, especially if they are your really close friends. As they say, how your room looks like reflect the kind of personality that you have. So what is exactly the coolest way to decorate any guest room without compromising your guests’ comfort?

Decorating a guest room can be really very taxing especially if the room is bigger than the usual size of a one bedroom. However, it’s also an enjoyable task to do because your creative juices will be extracted and your imagination will be put to test. Guest bedrooms must not only be unique, and beautiful, they should also be relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. Here are some top trends and tips on how to decorate a guest bedroom so that your guests will feel comfortable and welcome during their stay.
1. Determine the theme you want for the room. You can have an anime-themed room, music inspired space, or maybe you can make your favorite sport or hobby as the main theme of the room. Themes make the guests more curious about your personality as it is reflected in your choices. Whatever your choice is, be sure that it doesn't’ compromise comfort. 

2. When you have determined the theme that you like. It’s now time to buy things (e.g throw pillow cases, frames, figurines etc) to decorate your room. Go for decorations on sale rather than buying expensive items but of the same quality. 

3. Small space is always a problem especially when you want to decorate the entire room however you lack space to put all the items you have in mind. Buy collapsible table instead of buying big ones. That way, you can keep your table just in case you wouldn’t need it. The space just under your bed can be transformed into a shoe drawer or accessories drawer. Save space by making personalized furniture that can be transformed into another work of art. 
4. Add a chandelier or a lamp in your guest room, it’ll make it look sophisticated and classy. Surround it with mirrors, this way it’ll make your room look bigger. If the room is extra big, adding one bed is also a good idea. However, if you are always expecting 2-3 guests at any day, it would be brilliant if you put a double-deck instead of one bed. 

5. Just before you start decorating the guest room, ask yourself, what kind of guest room I would love to spend my day at. Your answer would probably be almost the same as the guests’.  As a tip, try spending the night in the guest room. If you enjoyed your stay and it did make it relaxing for you. You have probably made the right choice. 

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