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Pacifica, California

525 Crespi Drive • Pacifica, CA 94044

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Pedro Point Headlands: Come for the Hike, Stay for the View

In every place, there is always a hidden gem waiting to be discovered - untouched, uncrowded, and unspoiled. In the Pacifica, there is this magical place that consistently captivates the senses of the visitors — first-timers and regular visitors. 
Pacifica is home to some of the best hiking trails like the Mori Point, Devil’s Slide and the recent favorite of many hikers the Pedro Point. Pedro Point Headlands is on a high point above the city of Pacifica, Shelter Cove Beach, and San Pedro Rock that is only known to a few. It has quite a short trail and is adjacent to the North parking lot at the Devil’s Slide making it easy for most hikers to hike these two at one time. It usually takes hikers a decent 1.5-2hrs hike to the top. The trail is quite challenging for beginners since there are sudden changes in elevation as one walks to the top. You will be surprised that at one point you’re on a flat area and the next time you’re on a rocky and steep one. So it’s best to have some pre-workout before trekking. Not to mention, there may be muddy areas where you might need good hiking shoes with good grip so you won’t trip over. There are also points wherein there are shades and overgrown plants and bushes. It is also almost impossible to get lost in this place since there are signages in every step of your way to the summit. 

The best part of this hike is that most of the time you will be greeted with the panoramic view of the ocean. At some point during the hike, you will see the rock formations in San Pedro Point and Egg Rock. Trails are mostly lush and green, adding liveliness to the place. If you are only hiking for the view, well you are in for a more delightful treat. Because as you walk the trails, you will be surprised to see different animals and native plant species like Coyote Bush, California Sage, Ceonothus, Sticky Monkeyflower, Lizard Tail and Coffeeberry. If you love horses and equestrian is your sport, im sorry but the place is currently not open for that kind of activity due to the steepness of the trail. Bikers are also not allowed because trails are not wide enough for bikes. In a way, Pedro Point Headland is only being protected from possible damage. 
Today, in the effort to make the Pedro Point Headland pristine and beautiful, it is now under restoration to keep its natural beauty and to protect its cultural history. When completed, it is expected to create 1.5 miles of recreational trails. Thousands of different plant species will also be planted to bring back life to the ecosystem. Future plans include making the trails safe for every hikers, saving the natural habitat of the plants and animals and erosion control. 
Pedro Point Headlands is another gem that is just starting to create a buzz especially in the sport of hiking. Its virgin features and majestic views at the summit have captivated every hiker’s hearts. Truly, you will go here for the hike and you will stay here for the view. But please, once you leave the place, leave it without traces of dirt and pollution. For once, let us all be responsible travelers. 

For more info about the beautiful Pedro Point Headlands, visit their official website here

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