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Smart Traveling: Hotel Accommodation Tips and Tricks for Large Families

Nothing is more frustrating than spending the summer vacation just inside the comfort of your own home. Especially when most of your friends and your neighbors are all spending their hottest days of the year outside the country or out of town. Summer comes just once a year, so a much-needed summer vacation is imperative. Anyway, what is summer if it’s without a summer getaway. For large families, spending summer out of town may never be really on their list of top priorities, because for them, it only means breaking the bank.  However, you can still spend the summer indoors. Spending it inside your house doesn't’ mean you can’t have fun at all. There are numerous fun summer activities that you can try at home without getting bored.

1. Discover the great outdoors. You might not know it, but there might be a lot of attractions within your vicinity that waits for you to be discovered. Most people always look for tourist attractions outside their area whenever they go out on a trip. They forget that there are many undiscovered gems in their neighborhood.
2. Visit the nearest park in your place.  Many people today neglect parks and zoos. Visiting one may not be as expensive as spending the summer out of town, but it is equally entertaining and fun.
3. Go to the nearest water park. Having one at the backyard is probably everyone’s dream. It saves you time, effort and money going to the nearest water park anytime you want to go for a swim. At any rate, if you are on a tight budget, visiting a public swimming pool is also a good idea.
4, Read a book/ Play board games with friends. Summer is not only all about swimming pools and water slides, out of town trips and amusement parks. You can spend your summer by playing your favorite board games with your family and friends. Serve cold sodas and junk foods while playing as if you are spending it outside. You can also grab your all-time favorite book and re-read it or continue reading the last book you didn't finish.

And for families who think that summer just comes once a year and it should be welcomed extravagantly, good for you because you don’t consider the money you spend for your summer getaway. When looking for a hotel accommodation for a large family while on an out of town trip, consider these following tips.

Booking a small room may never be a smart idea. It would only add stress to the family if when the night falls, and everyone needs to rest, everyone is looking for their space where they can sleep. Ask the hotel if they can provide extra beds for you, of course you need to pay extra for that. At least it’s not as expensive as getting a separate room. Choose a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast for the guests.

Why not rent an entire house? It’s cheaper compared to booking 2 hotel rooms for just one large family. Normally, if you rent an entire house, you are given the freedom to use the appliances; you can even cook or bring your own food.  Something that you cannot do in a hotel because of the corkage and hotel policy. 

For families traveling in a large group, Pacifica Beach Hotel should be in your list of to-go hotels. This beachfront hotel has 52 spacious rooms ideal for small and large families. It offers a breathtaking view of the sea and it’s only a few steps to the shore. For room reservations and inquiries, visit Pacifica Beach Hotel at 525 Crespi Drive, Pacifica or call  (650) 355-9999.