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Pacifica, California

525 Crespi Drive • Pacifica, CA 94044

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Here’s a list of (reportedly) haunted places around the Bay Area that might be worth visiting. Each place has it’s own ghost story although most of them are pretty unsubstantiated and likely the stuff of fiction.

Take note that most of the locations listed may require permission to visit or investigate. Authorities patrol the areas and violators will be prosecuted. Trespassing is a crime. Make sure to get permission to check out the place. You could get arrested or worse, hurt (some places are old and unstable). Be smart, courteous, and be legal.


Prisoners, rangers and visitors have reported a wide range of alleged paranormal activities on Alcatraz. From voices being heard in the former eating area as well as the cell blocks to footsteps and the sounds of cell doors opening and closing throughout the corridors, people are just spooked  at the aura of evil ghosts and lost souls.

The Los Angeles Times describes Alcatraz as the “most notorious federal penitentiary this country has ever known. Its history runs far and deep, as do the stories, the rumors, and the legends”.


Located between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, this old movie theater has been reported to have workers being chased out by something (note: something that cannot be seen) and footsteps being heard when the place is empty.

To date, the theater has already been torn down and a Walgreens has been built on the very same spot.


USS Hornet was a United States Navy aircraft carrier of the Essex class and is believed to be one of the one of the most haunted warships in the American Navy. There are several reports of ghostly activities and apparitions of long deceased sailors’ spirits.


At the intersection of Marina Village Parkway and Mariner Square Dr, turn left and go straight. Take the first right into an industrial parking lot and you’ll see the haunted asylum straight ahead.

There are rumors that the tortured patients of the asylum continually scream and walk around the area. People claim that you’ll hear a loud scream the second you walk inside the building. Also, the ropes that people used to hang themselves with are still intact in the basement area.


The Atherton Mansion ghosts have long bedeviled this building’s unfortunate residents. Ghost hunter Sylvia Brown, at a seance at the Atherton house, claimed that strong spirit vibrations can be felt coming from three female ghosts, identified as Dominga Atherton, Gertrude Atherton, and Carrie Rousseau. “There is a male spirit here,” Brown said, “but he’s so pale and frail. There’s nothing to fear from him … But bad vibes could come from female ghosts who want things done their way and won’t tolerate much male interference.