Things to Do and See in Pacifica: Guide to an Exciting Travel for 2019

Pacifica is known for its great beaches where local surfers and tourists catch a wave or two. Its crescent-shaped beach Pacifica State Beach is one of California's largest and most visited in the southernmost part of the Pacific. But did you know that more than its famous beaches, Pacifica is also a favorite place for people who love food tripping and adventure? Here are the top things to do and see in Pacifica.
Devil's Slide
Who would've thought that this once considered being a terrible place because of its rock-slide prone part has a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean from the top. You can hear the sound of the waves crashing and the scent of the ocean is truly mesmerizing. Invite your friends and take the time to walk, jog or stroll in this short trail. It is good for bikers, too. Devil's Slide is at 5100 Cabrillo Hwy, Pacifica, CA.
Colombo's Delicatessen
This local family-owned business has been continuously serving real Italian goodness daily for over 30 years. And in those years, their dishes like pasta, ravioli, lasagna, fresh meat and salad have been the favorite of the most customers going here. This hidden gem of an Italian deli always gets better every year as far as their food and service is concerned. If you love salami and cheese, a single order of the "Godfather" sandwich will make you crave for more. Colombo's Delicatessen is at 484 Manor Plz, Pacifica.
Pacific Coast Fog Fest
Make your visit to the Coast fun, enjoyable, and memorable. Whether you are a fan of festivals or a first time festival goer, you will surely love this festival with a beach town vibe. Fog Fest is an annual event that is loaded with exciting events and happenings. Car enthusiasts would love the car show; music lovers would surely appreciate the performances from the local artists. There are also food booths and a variety of stalls selling gifts, arts and crafts. Pacific Coast Fog Feast is a yearly event held at Palmetto Ave., Pacifica.
San Pedro Valley Country Park
This shouldn't be missed out when on a trip in San Francisco bay area. This place is highly recommended for hikers especially those who love a serene and scenic place to hike. San Pedro Valley has a number of trails and is best for both first timers and experienced or advanced hikers since the level of difficulty of every trail can be very easy to hard - thanks to the beautifully-maintained trails. Don't forget to visit San Pedro Valley Country Park, an underrated hiking spot and beautiful quiet park whenever you are on a trip in Pacifica.
Pacifica Pier
Get a picturesque view of the ocean only at Pacifica Pier. The amazing views, the sound of the waves, the surfers riding the waves, the lovely sunset - all these make a quick visit in Pacifica Pier always worth it. Pacifica Pier is also home to amazing wildlife where you will see dolphins, whales, jellyfish and sea birds enjoying in their natural habitat. Pacifica Pier is also a good spot for fishing and crabbing.

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