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Pacifica, California

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Tips to Plan your next Romantic Getaway

New Year does not only mean the calendar year just begun, it also means a fresh new beginning. It’s the time of the year when people are making resolutions and contemplating about the past year and how good (or bad) the previous year has been. It’s also a time for many to set goals for the coming year and that includes to be better, to be healthier and to travel more often. Here are some awesome tips to help you achieve your travel goals this New Year. 
1. Go someplace else you’ve never been before. It may not necessarily be an out of the country trip or a travel on the other side of the Earth, you can at least first try traveling to your dream destination in your country. However, if you have the budget for a trip abroad, you can always go for it. 
2. Try a new mode of transportation going to your dream destination. A plane or a car ride might already be boring to you, why not try a train ride going to your destination? It might take long, but the one-of-a-kind experience is all worth it. An ocean cruise is also an option just like an expedition or a yacht cruise. 
3. Instead of traveling to popular landmarks, why not try visiting culturally and environmentally relevant destinations? These can be heritage parks or wildlife and nature parks. Know the rich culture of a particular place and get up close and personal with the nature. These places are normally being maintained by the locals, so in a way, you are also helping the locals have a job. 
4. Use your vacation leaves to have your well-deserved and much-needed break. Take a trip on a weekend and attach a day or two of your leaves so you can have longer time to travel. Do not let your work stop you from achieving your travel goals, there is always a time to work and there is always a time to relax and enjoy. 
5. Make the most out of your travel. Go for personal enrichment than enjoyment alone. When in a tourist destination, talk to the locals. Learn their native language, learn their culture, ask about the rich history of their place, eat their local cuisine or try to cook one, learn their dances, if any, ask about their livelihood etc. In this way, you are not only traveling to enjoy, but also to enrich yourself. 
6. The best trips are those that are unplanned. Be spontaneous with your destinations. It’s always exciting if along the way, you find an interesting and surprising discovery and astonishing encounters.

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