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Updates on the Situation of the California Wildfire

After the horrible tragedy that struck California, people are left devastated and heartbroken because of the aftermath of the fires. One thing that the victims are doing is trying to put their lives back together.

There is a proposal that is being considered to speed up the rebuilding of homes in the community. The proposal plans to pull together construction and crew resources to rebuild whole communities or streets lost in the wildfire disaster. Experts say the mass-building approach worked before in other California disasters and could lower the cost of rebuilding.

Those who support this approach of rebuilding have said that “pulling together all the resources could allow for strength in numbers and increase overall efficiencies in the use of skilled crews, site supervisors, equipment as well as the purchase of construction materials. It also might be a way to get fire victims back into their homes faster.”

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Also, it was announced that California Gov. Jerry Brown has joined lawmakers in requesting $7.4 billion in federal funding for wildfire relief and recovery efforts. Brown said the funding would go toward cleanup and programs to support housing, transportation, agriculture, environmental protection and other services for those affected by the deadly fires.

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We can hope that these proposals and requests will help in making the lives of the victims easier but it is encouraged that we lend a helping hand and do what we can, whether small or micro, to aid and assist the wildfire victims. We can donate, volunteer and offer refuge. For more ways to help the victims, you can refer to our previous article.

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