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Guests of the Pacifica Beach Hotel are treated to personalized service, an in-room Jacuzzi, and a variety of other amenities like free Wi-Fi, free cable, free parking, an indoor heated swimming pool, and some of the most scenic views of the beach. Our Hotel is also a Architectural Landmark.

Right beside the hotel is Puerto 27, a wonderful Purivan restaurant which serves up signature Peruvian dishes that are quite popular with the locals and tourist alike. The hotel is within minutes from some of the best places to visit and is never far from amenities like restaurants, shopping outlets and entertainment spots.

Our accommodating staff is well knowledgeable and can be helpful in providing tips on "to do's" in Pacifica, or even if you need a little help planning your day, in the City by the Bay. We can even add a special touch if your celebrating a special occasion with us at Pacifica Beach Hotel.
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Tuesday September 23, 2014